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what we are doing now?

Our goal is to help manufacturers and sellers improve product experience and expand customer base, while at the same time to manage to save our users unnecessary spending for Amazon deals. We are growing product testing that pays 100% full cashback rebate for your Amazon opinions and we don’t charge any fees at any time.

On home test, rebate process is easy, and 100% full rebate is scheduled to be paid back within 5 work day thru Paypal. Whenever you have a problem, our professional customer service team will help you resolve the issue. What’s more, we have a user hierarchy system by which the more products you have tested, the more valuable products you will be able to test at a time.

Stop overpaying for your Amazon deals, let’s start shop smarter as a product tester here!


1. Choose a product, buy on Amazon and then write a review. We will send full price rebate to your Paypal.

2. After writing review, Screenshot your review and send to us. Rebate will be sent in five business day.

3. Only review with sign ‘Verified purchase’ is acceptable.

4. It’s prohibited to return product after receiving rebate.

Several Issues

No, Need to follow the amazon product provided by the manufacturer. So All the purchases are made through the Amazon platform and you enjoy all the guarantees secured by Amazon. There is absolutely no risk of getting scammed.

All the purchases are made through the Amazon platform and you enjoy all the guarantees secured by Amazon. There is absolutely no risk of getting scammed.

This is a real product experience: 5 days

  1. Order from Amazon.
  2. After 4-5 days of delivery.
  3. After 5-7 days of use, in this time, you may find the advantages or disadvantages of the product, whether it is worth buying, go back to Amazon and post your real comments.
  4. We will transfer payment in your wallet.
  5. Wait you deep experience for 5 days,  we will manually transfer the wallet to your PayPal account.

1. < The review is not written by you >: That means the review author’s Amazon profile is different to the profile you recorded in our system when you signed up.

2. < The review is not for this product>: That means the product you bought is different from the product you request on our site, or you the color and the size you selected is not same as the seller specified, please contact us for help.

3. < The review date is earlier than request date>: That means the date of the review is earlier than the date you request the product on our site, and please request the product on our site first the buy the product.
But if you buy the same products, but Amazon only publish one review, so please do not buy the same product from the our site, because we only provide rebate to first purchase.

4. < The review link is a invalid url>: That means the format of the review you submitted is wrong, if you cannot find out the correct review link, please contact us for help.

If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it directly to Amazon
Once you have review and accepted the rebate, you cannot return it.

If you received a defective product or don’t know how to use the product
Please contact seller or contact customer servicethe. seller or customer service will help you solve the problem.

Amazon has its own Vine Program providing free products to high ranked reviewers..

We believe every reviewer deserves free samples as long as his/her reviews are unbiased and valuable.

Please kindly take a look the opinion as reference for providing high quality reviews.

1.Purchase Behavior:
1)Find out the target product by searching keywords, and view other similar items not less than 60 seconds.
2)Back to the page of target product, read the information of product not less than 60s(including product description, product information, customer review etc.). Then add to your cart.
3)Please make the deal after six hours, post your review between day 7 to day 14 since you receive the goods.

2. Content:
Pros & Cons
Target Audience
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