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A place to gather with friends and family, enjoy meals together and try out even the most complicated recipes. The dining room can be everyone’s favourite place in a home, especially if it is well designed and furnished.

Dining Ktichen Sets

Dine and Wine

It may seem that nowadays formal dining rooms are not the most popular way to design the dining area at home. Partially replaced by the breakfast bars, nooks or small table sets for two, the traditional dining space still should be considered, especially by those who love hosting dinner parties or sharing meals in a bigger company. Dining sets are the easiest way to achieve the put-together look in the room. Thanks to a matching table and chairs you get the ready solution to be served at your home. Throw in a tablecloth, shining serveware and you can welcome your guests.

Seat All Your Guests

The most important thing when it comes to planning a dining area is the room you have. If space is not the problem go for a large rectangular table for 6 or 8 people. In smaller apartments or kitchens you should consider round tables with 2 to 4 chairs or even a breakfast bar with counter-height stools. If you are a fan of modest and composed look chairs should create a consistent set. When looking for a personalized, modern feel, you can mix chairs and tables in different styles. The variety of designs to choose from is wide enough to find the perfect combination.

What Dining Room Furniture You Can Choose From:

  • Dining tables – come in different shapes: round, rectangular or square, and different materials, of which the most popular are wood and steel. You can also pick a table with additional functionality, like extending top, adjustable height or storage space.
  • Dining chairs and stools –  traditionally, for a standard-height table you are going to choose between traditional wooden chairs or chairs upholstered in fabric or leather. Depending on the look you want to achieve you can pick different chairs, for example, one as a head chair, and the other as side chairs. For a breakfast bar consider counter-height chairs or kitchen stools, with or without a backrest.
  • Dining sets – ready to use, without spending extra time on figuring out whether the pieces go well together.

Kitchen Accessories and Decor

Once you have the right foundation you can look for complementing pieces for the dining room. One of the latest trends in furnishing dining space is using kitchen trolleys and carts, which give you additional workspace, storage, in forms of shelves, cabinets and drawers, and undoubtedly the stylish look to the whole room.

When finishing off the dining room think about the details, like an area rug, task lighting, sideboards and decor pieces, such as mirrors, which optically enlarge the space and naturally diffuses the daylight, at the same time creating a welcoming feel to the room.

And as it is with all the spaces at home, remember about small, yet significant kitchen accessories like serveware, cutlery sets, serving bowls and plates or trays that should be not only practical but also decorative.

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