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A bedroom is a special place in your home – it is your personal sanctuary to finally relax and fully regenerate. Take it to the next level by really transforming the space into your stylish shelter.

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Perfect foundation for a perfect sleep

Every bedroom revolves around the perfect bed, which has to combine both comfort and design, as it is naturally a focal point in the space. Depending on the size of the room you can choose from beds in various sizes. For teenage or children’s room, a single bed or a bunk bed may be the easiest and the best choice. In smaller apartments, you might be interested in storage beds, which not only provide you with sleeping comfort but also give always needed additional space to keep all your things cleverly hidden away. Lucky master suite owner can go all the way in with super king size divan beds.

When you face the dilemma, fabric or leather bed, it really comes down to your personal preference. For elegance, and high-end style leather beds are definitely a go-to option. Especially if you are all about a modern, industrial-inspired or classic interior look. Fabric beds tend to be more cosy-looking, and softer to the touch. One of the biggest advantages of the upholstered beds might be the broad colour and fabric selection – you can choose from classic polyester, glamorous velvet, traditional linen or modern chenille finish. Let’s not forget about other options, such as ultimate timeless wooden beds, or bohemian metal beds.

Remember to invest in a high-quality mattress that is the best guarantee that you will not be losing sleep at night. For best body shaping and pressure relief choose a memory foam mattresses. On the other hand, pocket spring mattresses can be a salvation for those looking for body support with a firm feeling. If you have any specific needs adjustable mattress may be the one for you, as it can help to relieve such medical conditions as the back pain or snoring.

Our top selection:

  • Storage Beds
  • Fabric Beds in various colours
  • Leather Beds in different styles
  • Waterbeds
  • Bunk Beds
  • Divan Beds in various sizes

Must-haves at bedroom

When you already have the perfect space to sleep take care of its surrounding.  Start with the essentials, like spacious chests of drawers to store all your personal items, as well as create a perfect spot to display small accessories or table lamps. You can easily find the one to match the entire room feel, whether it is a modern, traditional, eclectic or minimalist bedroom. You can’t go wrong with timeless wooden dressers, in the natural or coloured finish. The more drawers and cabinets, the better.

Always make sure that you get the most of your room’s space. You will appreciate the comfort of having bedside tables at hand. Not only can you place an alarm clock, table lamp or a glass of water to enjoy it in the morning, but it is the best place to exhibit your favourite décor pieces. The nightstand can also hide everything else you want to keep close, but don’t want to display in the open.

Another smart addition to your bed is a bedroom bench that can be a final finishing touch to space. It is a great way to divide your sleeping area from the rest of the room, at the same time offering a spot to stack folded laundry or your outfit for the upcoming day.

Accessorize for a good night sleep

When you have all the necessities you can get to the details. Fill the space with gorgeous soft furnishing that every bedroom needs. Start with duvet covers and matching bedding. Throw in some decorative scatter cushions in various patterns or solid colours – whatever works with your current bedroom décor. Complete the look with mirrors on the wall and ambient lighting.

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