Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom Furniture

When it comes to a bathroom it is one of the places in your home that need to be practical in the first place. But do not sacrifice a stylish and modern look while working on that.

Vanity Sinks




Choosing Bathroom Furniture

When shopping for the right furniture for your bathroom you should focus on creating functional and unified space. From bathtub to shelving units, every piece needs to serve a purpose. It is much easier to use the space to the fullest with smart storage solutions. Open shelves are a great way to display your fancy bath salt, or towels, while wall-mounted cabinets with closed doors help you put away everything else and keep the space clutter-free. Basin vanity units combining sink with the storage underneath live up to the expectations of maximising the space and making it aesthetically pleasing at the same time. No matter the bathroom size you can find the storage solution that fits just right.

Home SPA Retreat

There is no bathroom without a bathtub, and a variety of tubs to choose from let you really create consistent-looking place. Depending on your expectations, the room’ size and the number of people using the bathroom, you can choose one of the following baths:

  • Free-standing bathtub – definitely makes the biggest impression visually, especially in the contemporary interior.
  • Corner tubs – work great in a smaller room, because of its shape they tend to better use the space.
  • Whirlpool baths – offer a lot of additional features, like chromotherapy and massage function.

Thanks to a wide selection the bathtub you pick will complement the decor, whether it is modern, traditional or anything in between. Made from durable, low maintenance materials, they are easy to clean and long-lasting.

Bathroom Accessories

Things to consider when furnishing and accessorizing your bathroom are whether you want to keep it low and focus on the functionality, or really take the look of the room to the next level. When going for the second option consider choosing a thing that you normally would but in much bolder version. For example, instead of plain frameless mirror, pick the one in decorative golden or silver frame and irregular shape. Don’t forget about smart storage solutions like ladder shelves or laundry bins, and bathroom essentials, such as soap dispensers, toilet brushes or paper stands.

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